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Its hard trying to find things to do sometimes, isn't it? You're not the only one. So instead of waiting for something better to come along, we decided to build something better. We started Hoodrich with one goal: to find all the stuff going on that people actually care about, and share it with the entire city.

We were on the hunt for things to do, just like you. We would scour the internet for hours looking for, what seemed like, the bests ways to unwind. We were met with website after website where we were either being bombarded by ads that we couldn't care less about, or a site that was too simplistic and/or unusable. And so we set out to make something better, and spent a considerable amount of time creating a platform that our community would love.

We are a small team, but we have big ideas. We're trying to make this the best platform it can possibly be, and we have no problem putting in the work to make that happen. So if you here looking for things to do around the city, let us know what kind of things we should be on the lookout for. If you are an event promoter, we want to work with you to get great events in front of as many people as possible. No matter what you're here for, we want to hear from you!

We'll see you out there.