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Every Monday night is a CRUX night at The Cliffs! This event is perfect for climbers who are belay certified and for intermediate/advanced climbers. Venue: The Cliffs LIC Check in with the front desk at The Cliffs LIC. You will need to fill out a waiver first. (You may do so ahead of time here: click WAIVER on the upper right.) Cost $25 for a facility day pass (first-timers at the Cliffs get gear rental included in the day pass cost). Tell them that you're here for the CRUX event. For existing CRUX members, arrive before 7:30 PM and show your CRUX membership card to The Cliffs staff to get the day pass discount. Climb Time CRUX event hosts will be milling about just right of the front desk near the merchandise area starting around 6:55 PM. You should see rainbow flags on the couches. Hosts be wearing navy blue and yellow CRUX t-shirts, and/or wearing the rainbow-colored CRUX nametags on their harnesses. Climbing from 7:00 – 9:30(ish) PM. Some members climb later and do workouts/stretches afterwards, so ask around if you're a nightowl! Food, drink, socializing after 9:30 PM – After climbing a group usually heads to a local restaurant/bar for dinner and chit-chat. Hosts will spread the word on the post-climb spot, but if you don't hear just ask a fellow CRUXer or the event host. Most of the time it's between The Local, John Brown's Smokehouse, and Court Street Diner. We're going to have a ton of fun! See you at The Cliffs at LIC every Monday! FAQs Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event? No. However, evenings get crowded in the after-work peak and is not the best time for small children new to a dynamic event space. I'm part of an organization that would like to bring a group. Can we all register? Please contact with info about your group before registering. This gives us an opportunity to ensure we can accomodate everyone.