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Enjoy an after-work happy hour while learning to make artisinal pizza! We supply the organic dough, freshly milled organic flour, sauce, cheese, toppings, and wood-burning oven. All you have to do is bring yourself, a friend, a date, or whomever. And the pizza magic will happen! Take a seat at our bar and get comfortable with a drink. We start the class by discussing the concepts behind dough making and follow the recipe to make a batch of dough. The class then learns how to ball dough which will proof to make pizza. Everyone in the class then stretches dough and tops it with whatever ingredients they like to make their own pizza. After only a coup[le minutes in our hot wood-burning oven, class members get to eat their amazing custom pizza creation! Each person then goes home with the ball of dough they balled which can be made into pizza in a day or two, a bag of freshly ground organic flour, the pizza dough recipe, and a little bit of our sourdough starter to feed and use for bread and pizza making. A fun evening of wine, eating delicious pizza and getting messy with flour!