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Co-hosted with The Financial Solutions Lab. The panel will discuss: From good to great: Are FinTechs the solution for financial inclusion? Agenda: 6:30-7:00pm Registration & Networking 7:00-8:00pm Panel Discussion - Herbert Moore, CEO and Co-founder of WiseBanyan: WiseBanyan is the first free financial advisor. Our company began with the idea that investing is a right not a privilege. Our mission is to ensure everyone can achieve their financial goals, which starts with investing as early as possible. WiseBanyan makes the same level of investment advisory and services previously only available to the wealthiest clients available to everybody. And due to our sophisticated technology, we can do this for free. We recommend, invest, and manage a tailored selection of stocks and bonds for each of our clients based on their investor profile. There is no minimum to invest so you can start saving sooner. Easily open a personal investment account, IRA, Roth IRA, or rollover your 401(k) portfolio in minutes. Whether your portfolio is $10 or $10,000 you will never be charged a penny. - Calvin Bradley, Co-founder of Blockchain For Change Blockchain for Change is a technology company at the nexus of identity, community and financial services. Our application Fummi, is a one-stop cooperative ecosystem for users to interact with functional and affordable services. At the core of those services is a new system that powers a digital identity used to reduce fraud in benefit distribution and streamline access to and management of critical resources for low-income and underserved people. Users can use the Fummi platform to manage and build up their digital identity, using a history of financial and non-financial transactions. The digital identity can in turn be used to provide a history of positive transactions to be leveraged for access to alternative financial services." - Jake Peters, Co-Founder and CEO of Payperks: PayPerks is an education, engagement and behavior change platform that improves the health and well-being of low- and moderate income consumers. Our platform offers consumers a combination of visual education and sweepstakes based rewards.For years, PayPerks has been helping the country’s largest banks and government programs improve financial health outcomes for their most vulnerable constituents. Now, PayPerks is extending its technology and expertise to allow institutions across the public and private sector to improve nutrition and healthcare outcomes.PayPerks has amassed dozens of honors over the years from organizations ranging from the White House to the U.S. Department of Treasury to the Federal Reserve Bank. - Matthew Carey, Co-Founder and CEO of BluePrint Income Blueprint Income, formerly Abaris Financial, is building a better way to save and plan for retirement with the first of its kind Personal Pension. A Personal Pension is similar to a traditional pension in that it provides guaranteed income during retirement; however, unlike a traditional pension, it’s totally customizable and available to anyone regardless of age, employer or employment status. You can choose when and how much you’d like to contribute, which insurers you’d like to back your pension, and when you want your guaranteed income to start. Our vision is big - our mission is to make guaranteed income as accessible as any other asset class by integrating with 401(k) providers, advisory platforms and anywhere else people manage their money. The company was started in 2014. We’re backed by an awesome group of venture capital firms and have advisors from Google, Amazon, along with senior industry executives, and we have the momentum to turn our vision into a reality. - Moderated by Adam Herling from the Center for Financial Services Innovation (CFSI). 8:00-8:30pm Networking ----- Proudly sponsored by: Latham & Watkins IBM Envestnet | Yodlee FinTech Sandbox