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THICK & FIT YOGA'S, HEALING VIBRATION SERIES Join us starting June 20th with a special series | Healing Vibrations with Jenna Conner and Angela Dawn is a five week course to help you explore truly living your yoga. Asana, or the shapes we make on the mat, is just one limb of yoga. Explore how we can use some of yoga's other limbs to find body autonomy and mindfulness in our daily activities. Learn about yoga krias, or cleansing techniques that we can use in our daily lives to cleanse body, mind and home, and then extend your practice past your waking hours and open up to healing on a cellular level with sleep & dream yoga. Conclude the five week series with a healing sound bath of vibrations from Tibetan singing bowls and other instrumentation. CLASSES INCLUDE: YOGA MATS, BLOCKS, BLANKETS, BOLSTERS, AND STRAPS. We also have special classes where journals will be provided. *****FIVE CLASS PACKAGES AVAILABLE***** SCHEDULE June 20 - Yoga for my Body (Angela & Jenna) What is Yoga, Journal sessions, Flow, and Restore Explore the history of yoga, modern postural yoga, and how we can adapt the practice to fit our unique bodies. Jenna will lead us through warming vinyasa flow and Angela will offer restful, restorative yoga June 27 - Being Here & Now (Jenna) Mindful meditation, Mindful practice, Mindful Eating, Mindful Actions Learn how to take mindfulness off your mat and into your daily life through mindful eating and other mindful actions. Jenna will discuss mindfulness as a way of living and lead practitioners through a mindfulness meditation on their mats. July 11 - Sleep and Dream (Angela) Yoga nidra & an introduction to lucid dreaming and Tibetan dream yoga Angela will lead us through gentle movement followed by yoga nidra (yogic sleep) and will introduce us to lucid dreaming and the Tibetan yoga of dream and sleep, as taught in the Bon Buddhist tradition. July 18 - Self Care & Cleanse (Jenna & Angela) Journaling, saucha, krias Explore ancient yogic methods of cleansing, or achieving saucha, or purity and learn which ones can be helpful today to cleanse body, mind and soul. And home! July 25 - Healing Sound Bath (Jenna & Angela) Gentle Flow Jenna and Angela will lead a gentle flow to ease tension in body and mind, concluded with healing vibrations and sounds from Tibetan singing bowls and other instrumentation.