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Science fairs for adults – how Caveat does happy hour. March for Science is taking over this week’s science fair happy hour with Pregame Your Brain: Science & Society! Come meet some eager scientists who want to get you drunk on science and how it can change your life – everything from ice cream to social change to searching for Patient Zero. 6pm-8pm (drop in anytime!) Tickets: FREE with advanced RSVP, or $5 at the door 21+ SCIENCE FAIR STATIONS: RockEDU: From Patient Zero to Outbreak RockEDU is here to make all your pandemic dreams come true! Grab a test tube and do a quick experiment to find out – are you Patient Zero? Presenters: Dr. Odaelys Walwyn is a trained Microbiologist/Immunologist, but an educator and chocolate cake lover at heart. Nica Rabinowitz is artist, designer, and educator working at the intersection of biological design, social justice, farming and textile creation MRSEC: Materials Show-and-Tell NYU MRSEC (Materials Research Science and Engineering Center) will bring out your inner kid – even while you Pregame. Want to learn about sub-zero temperature by making ice cream? Mess around with some non-Newtonian fluid? Grab a drink and get in on the fun (and the science)! Presenters: Omar Gowayed is a PhD Candidate in Materials Chemistry (MRSEC Student), Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at NYU. Zhihua An was an Affiliated Clinical Assistant Professor of Chemistry at NYU Shanghai and is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Chemistry at NYU ScAAN: The Scientist Action and Advocacy Network Does Jeopardy! The Scientist Action and Advocacy Network (ScAAN) is a New York-based group of scientists who partner with organizations that are creating positive social change- and they’re bringing Science Jeopardy to Caveat! Think you’re a science know-it-all? PROVE IT. Presenters: Wei Ji Ma is Associate Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology at New York University, and a founding member of the Scientist Action and Advocacy Network. Colin Bredenberg is a computational neuroscience graduate student at NYU. About Pregame Your Brain: Get some post-work drinks in your face, and some brand new knowledge in your brain! At Caveat’s happy hour science fair, several stations of experts on the week’s theme will be set up around the bar – grab a drink and choose your own adventure. Each expert has a 10 minute speed-lesson, so you can get the basics or go deep. Each week features experts on a different topic, so come back next week for all-new stuff!