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You walk into the local bar and inn. A scruffy half-orc, walks into the middle of the room, glances around, and says "So, who's from out of town here tonight?" That's right, Q.E.D. is venturing to the world of live fantasy role-playing tabletop games. Our party: Your hosts Glen & Wade, one guest comedian, and two lucky audience members We'll play the world's ultimate role-playing game as a multimedia epic, with music, visual guides, drinking games, and a stand-up comedy set that will be woven into the story. You (yes, you!) could be one of our other party members, all you have to do is attend the show! Have a character of your own you want to play? Bring your character sheet, we'll use it if we select you! Dragons. Dungeons. Comedy. Find them all every fourth Wednesday at 9:00PM, only at Q.E.D.!