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Great Scott! Power up your laces and hop on your Hover Board for Back to the Future (Trilogy) Trivia at Essex NYC on Wednesday, August 15 starting 8pm. It will be more fun than eating a rehydrated pizza! Defeat Needles and Griffs through FIVE unique and challenging rounds of questions rounds and prove you aren't chicken! For reservations visit; The best way to reserve tickets is by selecting a team captain and having them be in charge of tickets for ALL team members. For example, if Marty, Doc, Lorraine and Biff (Get your damn hands off her!) are a team and Marty gets put in charge, he will then reserve tickets for himself, Doc, Lorraine and Biff = (4) in total. PLEASE ONLY RESERVE SINGLE TICKETS IF YOU ARE PLAYING BY YOURSELF. We will send a confirmation email to everyone closer to the event. Libyan nationalists are welcome, but we'll keep an eye on you. For this trivia, we don't need roads.