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Call us the Super Sellout Bros., because we are going bigtime, baby! Our beauty and talent has finally been recognized, and this month's show is very special because a camera crew will be present to film us with the goal of turning our humble little bar party into a show suitable for television (we know, it doesn't make any sense to us either, but don't mention that to the people who have decided to invest in us plz). That being said, bring your biggest and rowdiest possee because we aren't trying to look like a bunch of chumps in front of the suits, ya dig? One part nerd, one part slurred, Super Trashed Bros brings together comedy, video games and alcohol at a super rad bar in Brooklyn. Join comedians Jesse McGrath, Seamus Calder, Rachel Levinson as well as Brandon Garner as they virtually battle amongst themselves while physically battling inebriation. Audience participation is essential as a live crowd and online viewers—from the streaming platform Twitch—suggest new rules and new gags. Power-up, throw down and push buttons (in more ways than one)! This show is a tournament. Drinking jaRules apply! And there are lots of prizes, including a bar tab for the first place competitor! Also, if you're not good at video games, you can still win an #Amiibo (the GoodsportsMiibo) for people who cheer the loudest, jeer the funniest, support others, and have the best time. We're so generous. NEW TOURNEY FORMAT: 8 Rounds of 4-player free-for-all (6 stock). The first place competitors from the first 8 rounds face off in 2 final rounds of 4-player free-for-all (6 stock). The winner of those two rounds face off in a 1-v-1 winner-takes-all duel (2 stock). No need to sign up ahead of time, just show up ready to party! Who: Jesse McGrath, Seamus Calder, Rachel Levinson, Brandon Garner Where: 266 Irving Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237 Cost: Free Age: 21+ SPECIAL NOTE: There will be a camera crew present to film this event for television (LOL WHAT). If you are in attendance, you must sign a release waiver because there is a small chance the whole world will get to see your beautiful face. You have been warned.