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Underground . . . Shrouded in mystery . . . Chock-full of brainiacs . . . The Secret Science Club features: • mind-bending lectures • volatile experiments • chemical libations • star-gazing sounds What happens to the human body when an astronaut blasts into orbit? Chris Mason wanted to know down to the molecular level. So he studied a pair of twins—one earthbound and one bound for space. In 2015, astronaut Scott Kelly spent 11 months on the International Space Station, while his identical brother Mark Kelly hung out on Earth. As part of the NASA Twins Study, Dr. Mason led the research comparing the twins’ “omics” (gene expression, transcriptome, metagenome, and more)—before and after the long spaceflight. At the next Secret Science Club, Chris Mason discusses the results of the NASA Twins Study, as well as how future research and technologies will be used to monitor, protect, and potentially repair astronauts’ cells and bodies during, and after, long space missions—to the ISS, Mars, and beyond. Meeting every month @ the Bell House, 149 7th Street in Brooklyn. p: 718.643.6510