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Brasil Summerfest in partnership with Group .BR presents Saravá! Wild Carnival (Festival closing party) Saravá! Wild Carnival brings to you a taste of the wild carnival of Pernambuco, the biggest and most diverse carnival in Brazil! This ultimate carnival experience will close the Brasil Summerfest 2018, the largest international Brazilian contemporary music & arts festival in the world. Originally conceived by Group .BR, New York’s only Brazilian theater company, Saravá! Wild Carnival is inspired by the cultural multitude of the carnival of Pernambuco and the unconventional universe of Clarice Lispector, the muse of the company's upcoming show Inside the Wild Heart. The party will set the crowd on fire with 4 Brazilian DJs, live music, art installations and performances by Group .BR, blocos, outdoor shower, jacuzzi, food and frozen caipirinhas, all taking place indoors & outdoors at the House of Yes. DRESS CODE Find your carnival self! Extravagant, Funny, Daring, Unique, Glamourous, Silly, Comfy, Creative, Festive, Masks. *We recommend bringing your bathing suits* LINEUP DJ Tahira (São Paulo, Brazil) Praised by DJs like François K and Gilles Peterson, Tahira is a DJ and music producer known for his eclectic mixes and superb blending of different genres and eras, traditional rhythms like maracatu, coco, carimbó and electronic dance music. Check out his Boiler Room set in São Paulo. Soundcloud Tutu Moraes (São Paulo/Recife, Brazil) Best known for his Santo Forte parties in São Paulo, his music sets combine candomblé (Afro-Brazilian religions), carimbó, frevo, forró, samba, tropicalia and marchinhas (Carnival classics). Soundcloud Patricktør4 (Recife, Brazil) Brazilian party starter, DJ and producer, Patricktør4 sets include everything from African Kuduro and Carioca baile funk to digital Cumbia, what he calls Baile Tropical. Soundcloud Eduardo Brechó (São Paulo, Brazil) Best known for his work as band member of the group Alafia, Eduardo is also a killer DJ blending Brazilian classics and disco. Soundcloud. Live music performances by Maracatu NY, Northeastern percussion and Batalá New York, all female samba group. Art installations, performances, costumes and big puppets by Group. BR Bites to eat will be available. Frozen caipirinhas by Leblon Cachaça. 21+ | No Re-Entry ::::::: Consent Policy ::::::: Behave with beauty, connect with intention. We are obsessed with Consent. Always ASK before touching anyone in our House. Always ASK before photographing your fellow patrons. Photos of our performers are welcome and encouraged. If someone is violating your boundaries or harassing you, please speak to a security guard or any staff member. We have a zero tolerance policy for harassment. If you feel something, say something, and we will help. Questions about consent culture at House of Yes? Let us know: ::::::: Community and Accessibility ::::::: This is a space for everyone to feel welcome and loved. Racism, sexism, ableism, ageism, homophobia, transphobia, or any other form of discrimination will not be tolerated at our House. All restrooms in our venue are gender neutral. Everyone is free to use the restroom that best fits their gender identity or expression. All entrances and spaces within the venue are single-level. There are stairs leading to the upper portions of the stage, for those who wish to dance in the spotlight. Strobe lights are used during performances and parties.