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AcousticaElectronica is a 360 degree sensory adventure through art’s past and present. This immersive show is a mashup of opposites: the classical and the electronic, the light and the dark, a trip to the theatre and a night on the dance floor. Energize in the heart-pounding music, lose yourself with interactive elixirs, and flow into the mind-bending journey that is the story of AE. Dorian Gray invites you to view his collection: Carmen, the Conductor, Odette the Swan, and even Pierrot the Clown. Here you’ll find resurrected ghosts of art’s past, pulled into the present. Will they stay as they were and fight to stay relevant? Or will they break through...? Dig as deep as you dare in this blend of dance, circus, aerials, opera, acoustic and electronic music. Find us when dark touches light on July 21st. 7:00pm drinks, 7:30pm show, party all night. Please note: This show is an immersive experience and does not offer traditional theater seating. All tickets are for standing room only. However, there are some booths and spots to sit around the venue that are first come first serve. 21+ ::::::: Community and Accessibility ::::::: This is a space for everyone to feel welcome and loved. Racism, sexism, ableism, ageism, homophobia, transphobia, or any other form of discrimination will not be tolerated at our House. All restrooms in our venue are gender neutral. Everyone is free to use the restroom that best fits their gender identity or expression. All entrances and spaces within the venue are single-level. There are stairs leading to the upper portions of the stage, for those who wish to dance in the spotlight. Strobe lights are used during performances and parties. #BESTSHOWSEVER