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Tonight we indulge in the color of heat and heart, of sex and power, our lust for blood, our affinity for rouge hues and rogue desires. Vibrant vibes of beauty in the sexiest shade to ever exist. RED. Get intimate with us... get intimate with yourself and dive into the depths of your senses in the summer heat of the night. Join us in the shadows of your fantasies, erotic realities and edible pleasures designed to satiate the imagination and open your heart, your mouth, your body and your mind to your own pleasure. Feel the strongest passions with your partners or new friends of the night. Come. Dance, sweat, breathe and feel how hard we love you. : : : COSTUMES ARE MANDATORY : : : Dressing up is strictly required for entry: Lace, leather, latex, lingerie. Fetish Chic, Fashion Fierce, Femme Domme, Seductress and Suave, High End Haute Couture, Nearly Nude, Power Suits, Threads of Red that make you feel your most sensual, powerful and proud. JEANS, TEE-SHIRTS, AND CASUAL CLOTHING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. See more inspiration here: : : : MUSIC : : : Sounds of love & lust by House of Yes residents! NSR Playsuit Whitney Fierce : : : FEATURING : : : Aphrodisiac Edibles • Sacred Performances of Pleasure • Champagne & Candle Wax • Punishment & Pleasure • Sensual Sacrifice • Bondage and Blindfolds • Hot Tubs and Hotter Moments • Altars of Sin, Seduction and Sensual bliss • Deep Tissue Massages • Feathers & Feelings • Sounds of Love & Lust • Aftercare : : : EXPLORE. EXPERIMENT. EXPRESS. : : : Go outside your norms. Try something new. Embrace the full spectrum of gender and sexual possibilities. Bring a friend to play with that supports your personal exploration. This evening is designed to give you a safer space to play, flirt, and connect in any way you choose. Get explicit consent. ALWAYS ask before touching someone, and don't assume consent for one activity automatically means consent for all others. State your boundaries. If someone makes you uncomfortable, for ANY reason, let them know. That includes touching without asking, saying something that offends you, or even just looking at you in a way you don't like. Be nice, be graceful, but be firm. : : : CODE OF CONDUCT : : : ➕ COSTUMES ARE REQUIRED. Jeans, teeshirts, and casual clothing are strictly prohibited. If you arrive in casual clothing, you will be denied entry without a refund. ➕ PHOTOGRAPHY & FILMING ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED. ➕ LAST ENTRY AT 2AM. The door closes at 2am. Come early and come with intention. ➕ CONSENT IS REQUIRED FOR ALL TOUCH. Use your words, not your hands, to communicate. Get affirmative consent if you want to interact physically with someone. ➕ If someone is violating your consent or harassing you, tell a security guard or staff member. ➕ Use coat check to store your belongings. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. 21+ | No re-entry ***If you have a love project and you'd like to play, produce and participate, please email with the subject line HOUSE OF LOVE*** This party is Rated R... not X. If you know what we mean.