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Feel the playa blinky-light illumination, the vast expansion of consciousness and freedom and joy and terror at our very own city of Black Rock Bushwick with House of Yes and JunXion. Taste the dust. F*ck Your Burn. Feel the love. You’re so glad you stayed home. Whether you are a power-playa veteran, a total virgin, totally jaded and over it or totally stranded in NYC or just totally forgot to go to The Playa, we’ve got just the night for you. : : : MUSIC : : : Daft Punk @ The Trash Fence! Diplo b2b Skrillex ! Robot Heart! ALSO - Sabine Blaizin, DJ Dirtyfinger, Matt Sebastian, M!NT, Penny Lane, Wendy Escobar. : : : FEATURING : : : Black light everything. LED everything. Playa Bikes. Art Cars! Art Installations! Fake Art! Real Art! A real live Trash Fence- Now with more Daft Punk! Shirt Cocking Fashion Show Sparkle Pony Glitter Station Gratuitious Fire Dancing Dance Floor Dust Storms Body painting, Body massage, Body shops, Bodyroll. Luxury Turn-Key Bottle Service! Now with Sherpas! Radical Self Expression Aerial and Dance Art Performances. Special Appearance from Moopy the Clown “Leave no Trace” BDSM Kinky camp! Awkward Mom finding her true self! Camelback Mezcal and Utili-kilt Ketamine Yoga Bros and their new ex-girlfriends! Playa Gifts & Soul Mates! Spiritual Healing Tent (don’t worry, that creepy dude who does “root chakra massages” won’t be here). Tech-start up investor support group! Tu-Tu Tuesdays is now on Fridays! We sell ICE! Talk to God! I'm so glad I stayed home! AND MANY MORE! What to Wear: Topless Bottoms! Goddess Realness! Spirit Animal Furries! Drag of all kinds! Tu-Tus! Vampire costumes! Mad Max for life! Mermaid Costumes! LED dungeon gear! Express yourself! Black Light Reactive EVERYTHING! Glitter and Feathers and Sequins TOTALLY ALLOWED! What to talk about: how many times you’ve been (or haven’t been), where you’re from, where you’re camping, how you got your ticket and how much better it used to be, what you have in your fanny pack. What to Bring: This is a gifting economy. Bring gifts to share! PLEASE NOTE: WE ARE NOT ACTUALLY HAVING DAFT PUNK, DIPLO, OR SKRILLEX (OR ROBOT HEART ANYTHING). THAT'S A JOKE. SORRY IF YOU DON'T GET IT. 21+ | No Re-Entry *Free before 11pm with RSVP only on Eventbrite* *RSVPs are NON-TRANSFERABLE* ::::::: Consent Policy ::::::: Behave with beauty, connect with intention. We are obsessed with Consent. Always ASK before touching anyone in our House. Always ASK before photographing your fellow patrons. Photos of our performers are welcome and encouraged. If someone is violating your boundaries or harassing you, please speak to a security guard or any staff member. We have a zero tolerance policy for harassment. If you feel something, say something, and we will help. Questions about consent culture at House of Yes? Let us know: ::::::: Community and Accessibility ::::::: This is a space for everyone to feel welcome and loved. Racism, sexism, ableism, ageism, homophobia, transphobia, or any other form of discrimination will not be tolerated at our House. All restrooms in our venue are gender neutral. Everyone is free to use the restroom that best fits their gender identity or expression. All entrances and spaces within the venue are single-level. There are stairs leading to the upper portions of the stage, for those who wish to dance in the spotlight. Strobe lights are used during performances and parties.