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Each week, the show will have a different challenge/theme for comedians to create material within while trying to win that week’s also-themed trophy. Comedian Rob Speer, who has hosted storytelling showcases onstage and on podcast, takes the stage each week to guide the show, explain the challenges, and conduct the final audience vote to award a winner of that week’s trophy. This month's theme: The Leif Garrett’s Friend Memorial Cup Jimi Hendrix was once an opener for the Monkees. John Stamos and Charles Manson have technically been part of the same band. Led Zeppelin did things with groupies that would make Richard Gere’s gerbil blush. This week, take us Behind The Music with a set about a favorite band, song, or musical moment. Tell us about your college band, or that concert story your friends are sick of. Comics will be introduced with the classic VH1 theme to tell their 7-8 minute story of rock stardom.