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Bear Yoga for Beginners (Including Absolute Beginners) with Evan Class Description: This vinyasa-style yoga class is designed for those looking to learn yoga but didn't know where to star. It is also for those looking to return to the foundations of yoga postures (asanas). Built into the class is a brief introduction to yoga for those who are new to the practice. During the class students will take ample time for and pay attention to each individual pose in order to better learn or re-learn how the poses should feel in our bodies. This class will build heat, endurance, flexibility, and strength in a supportive environment, encouraging the link between mindful body movement and the breath. This is meant to be a slow flow with emphasis on pranayama (breathing) and a restorative portion at the end of class. Appropriate for absolute beginners as well as those with an ongoing practice. No yoga experience necessary. We are pleased to welcome our new yogi Evan who will slowly ease you into the beautiful practice of yoga. FAQs: Do I need to have yoga experience or skills already? No, you do not need previous experience with yoga. This class is for beginners inclding those who are absolute beginners. What should I wear? Wear whatever is comfortable for you. Shorts & t-shirt are standard, and you can change once you arrive at the studio. What else do I need to bring other than a change of clothes? • Nothing! Mats/Blocks/Straps are provided in the studio for free. • You can bring a towel if you wish to shower before or after class (or rent a towel at the studio for $2) • You can water bottle if you want, but there is a water cooler and cups at the studio.