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Planetarium is an immersive hi-fi listening session. We clear the floor between our custom speakers, so you can bring pillows, blankets, sleeping bags or anything else you like to get comfortable. Lie on the floor, stretch out on the couch, and get lost in music. Records are woven together from across the spectrum — new classical, electronic music, pre-war blues, new age, ambient, psychedelic rock, jazz, field recordings and beyond — and there are often live performances to augment the experience. For this edition, we have Pyron performing live throughout. Jennifer Pyron is a classically trained opera singer and experimental electronic musician. Using found sounds, vocals, spoken word and a KORGMS2000 digital analog modeling synthesizer, she builds improvisational compositions that drift from serene to frenetic and back again. Drinks and food are available from the bar and kitchen. We have all the creature comforts that you might otherwise need inside so you never have to leave the bubble we’re creating. The event runs from 6pm to 11pm. An important note: the night works best when everyone keeps their voice down. When you’re inside the speakers, remain silent, and when you’re outside of the main speaker area, please make sure you’re quiet enough that only the person you’re talking to can hear you. We’re looking forward to seeing you there.