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Bitch Productions presents Primal Scream: Hocus Pocus. The night will start with a shockingly sexy & delightfully spooky cabaret hosted by Junior Mint, with performances by Via Venom, Theydy Bedbug, Rara Darling, Hawthorne, God Complex, & Serena Tea! Milo will be debuting as our amazing gogo for the evening! Following the show we lead you through the dark pleasures that await in our kink dungeon. This is an inclusive, consent-driven, educational & queer space. We seek to create a safe, non-judgmental space to let your freak flag fly. New to kink but want to participate? No problem! All levels of experience are welcome to come engage in our erotic expression lessons. Dance the night away upstairs with DJ Stylings by HardCandy. Dress Code: Wear whatever you feel most comfortable and sexy in! The theme is Hocus Pocus, so we encourage you to get raunchy, spooky and to dress in theme! LOOKS HIGHLY ENCOURAGED! Tickets: Show- $10-$20 suggested dontation at door Presale Dungeon Admission (includes show, dance party)- $20 Door Dungeon Admission (includes show & dance party)- $25 *NO PHOTOS ALLOWED* Photos are strictly prohibited during the erotic expression lessons (dungeon). However, please feel free to take photos during the show and dance party. *CONSENT IS MANDATORY* Yes means yes. Get explicit consent. ALWAYS ASK FIRST. Don't assume consent, consent for one activity does not means consent for others. Consistent misgendering will be viewed as grounds to ask someone to leave. If you do not have the opportunity to ask someone what their pronouns are, please avoid gendering all together. Know your boundaries and let your boundaries be known. If someone makes you uncomfortable, for ANY reason, let them know. This can include but is not limited to touching, offensive language, or etc. Communication is key. We have a zero tolerance policy for harassment and consent violations. If someone isn't taking NO for an answer, report them to security, Via or Rara and they will be escorted out of the venue. We will be going over this consent conversation AGAIN prior to the erotic lessons on the day of the event as well.