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BABËL welcomes you to the GARDEN OF EDEN A dream journey leading us back to our Lost Paradise. At the Duggal Greenhouse | Brooklyn, Navy Yards This year’s celebration is dedicated to our beautiful and beloved planet, GAIA. May we come together to protect it so we can retrieve our Lost Paradise. Welcome to the GARDEN OF EDEN "Follow Lord fortune wherever he leads and petition your angels to tend to your needs, Go crazy, go wild, get wasted, get wise, Wake up from your nightmares & stop believing their lies! Get active, get radical, get real and get magical... Aspire to your heights and embrace all your lows, Give in to desire…let the flood of lust flow. Let experience unjudged be your teacher supreme, in the mystical marriage of the King and his Queen, for devotion delivered from lust of result, destroys the delusions of the personal cult. And the seed of the apple that the snake gave the dove? That was Shakti and Shiva, united in Love. See the fruit of the knowledge of good and ill was a necessary evil but a bitter pill. But the fruit of the Tree of Eternal Life is the salve to alleviate man’s mortal strife… The kiss of the cobra both kills and cures, and the only defense is a heart that's pure. It's a drug to unhinge the temples door, and the key to the Kingdom where LOVE is the law. The word of sin is restriction so give in to a sacred addiction, And get drunk on the wine of the light divine, so bright that it bites and it burns your mind blind! ... And retrace the course of the spring to its source... In the time before mind, where God only knows, In the garden of Eden, Where the tree of life grows.” - Peter Moore Celestial Music served by: BLACK COFFEE SIS LAUREN LANE WAÏ Your BABËL Family BELIEVE IN MAGIC GROUP ACCESS & TRIBE TABLES Please reach out to Milan, BABËL Music 21+ Only