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Potion making is a powerful tool in the hands of the witch, apothecary, or herbalist. Potions, brews, elixers, and tonics have been used for centuries to heal the sick, engender feelings of love, and add potency to ritual or celebration. Join co-owner of Catland Books, Melissa Madara, for a practical foray into the world of potions, their history, and their applications. Come prepared to learn, but also to sample a few of her favorites! This lecture will cover - + The basic herbal preparations involved in potion making + A brief introduction to potions, their components & their uses+ An overview of tincturing as it related to medicine, magic, and potion making + A sampling of some potion components, as well as some completed magical brews $15 Melissa Madara is a co-owner at Catland, a folk witch & an herbalist. Her work deals with the healing power of storytelling, divination, and mastery of the natural world. She is a teacher at Catland Books and numerous other metaphysical spaces in NYC, and available for herbal consultations, tarot, and spellwork questions by appointment.