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What is witchcraft? Who are witches, and what do they do? What does it mean to be a witch? What is the mechanics of spellwork? Can magic be light, or dark, or something other altogether? The chance as finally come to have all your questions answered! Come ring in the Samhain season as we sit before a panel of local witches and practitioners, and hear their unique perspectives, takes, and interpretations of what it means to be a witch. $10 entry, refreshments provided 6pm-7:30pm - Moderated Q&A 7:30pm-8pm - Open Questions Have a question you’d like to submit for moderated discussion? Join the discussion on our Instagram - @catlandbooks. OUR PANELISTS Aerrin Kolfage Aerinn is a witch, cunning woman, and urban sorceress who puts a modern twist on European peasant magic and American folk practices. Raised by an intuitive medium deeply immersed in Catholic tradition, Aerinn inherited a fondness for ritual and experienced the closeness of the Otherworld at a young age. From this, she learned the power of tapping into folk spirituality and her ancestral roots. Aerinn’s practice is a pastiche reflecting her history and magical heritage, incorporating saint lore, cunningcraft, plant magic, dreamwork, superstition, and all the diverse witching ways of her foremothers. She believes in the efficacy of practical magic, divination, and spirit relationships to effect major transformation and address everyday problems. Walking in the steps of the village wise women who came before her, she can help you connect with your purpose, remediate your dis-ease, and achieve your goals through charm, symbol, root and spell. Spiritual consulting with Aerinn is a synthesis of active listening, creative problem solving, and common sense advice. Through such divinatory techniques as reading cards and tea leaves, casting lots and spirit-revealed insight, she weaves a narrative of sign and image to give you a bird’s eye view of the circumstances surrounding your query. On request, she’ll also equip you with magical remedies and ritual actions to meet your needs and expand your horizons. Armed with this information and in depth analysis, you’ll leave a reading with Aerinn prepared and empowered to take destiny into your own hands. And remember, if you ask the right questions, you’ll always get the right answers. Aerinn is available for divination, spellcraft consultations, dreamwork, and magical coaching. She has been featured in Vogue, Teen Vogue, Broadly, and Black Book Magazine and worked with such clients as Coach and Condé Nast. Dakota Hendrix Dakota is a Brooklyn based witch who has been working with clients for close to a decade. They are rooted in the traditions of Hoodoo & Stregheria and maintain a central belief in the efficacy of practical magic. They offer spiritual advisory & counseling through divination, incorporating a wide variety of tools including layered cartomancy, sortilege (the casting of bones) & tasseomancy (tea leaf readings). Dakota has years of experience helping clients discover the deities, saints and spirits who can help them most. Dakota is known for their frank, no-nonsense reading style, they offer a bird’s eye view of your current situation and insight into the influences around you as well as creative, intuitive solutions to a myriad of life’s challenges. When you work with Dakota you're getting a one-stop shop experience. Not only will you get an in depth reading, you'll be leaving with tools with which to shape your present to create your future. Through handmade spiritual baths, intuitively assembled spell kits and all manner of mojo bags you'll leave feeling enlightened and empowered. Damon Stang At the age of 12, Stang received his first ‘Lenormand Fortune Telling Cards’ from his grandmother (herself a spiritualist, cartomancer and Ouija Board enthusiast) and quickly worked himself up to becoming a passionate scholar of divination with a special focus on Tarot. He trained at street fairs, among Sangoma’s in the Maluti Mountains of South Africa, and in the New York Botanicas of Brooklyn and the Bronx. He is a lifelong practitioner of witchcraft and root work and is a celebrated member of the New York City magickal community. Damon’s special emphasis is on Urban Folk Magic. He is Magister of Kings County Coven #1 (as featured in the New York Post), an initiate of Lady Rhea, and a member of the Minoan Brotherhood. A reading with Damon incorporates traditional cartomantic prediction, spirit led gnosis, and good old fashioned common sense. Damon believes in the Tarot as a tool of empowerment and transformation and works with his clients to find open roads that bypass obstacles and fatalism. MORE PANELISTS TBA