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Upper West Side restaurant Calle Ocho highlighting Latin fare from Cuba, Peru, Spain, and Costa Rica...oh, and bottomless sangria in various flavors several flavors of red and white. Just keep in mind a few of their house rules... - Please enjoy one glass of sangria at a time. They pack a punch so please drink slowly. Don’t worry, There’s more where that came from. - Complimentary sangria is served during the course of your meal, not forever (unfortunately!). If that last bite has been sitting on your plate for 2 hours, you’re kind of toeing the line of “forever”. - If one person gets cut off, so does the rest of your table. So please ask your boyfriend to save his awesome tabletop dancing skills for another day. - Management reserves the right to discontinue serving any patron at any time. (Boring, we know. Our lawyers made us put this one in.) - Sangria is served in 16 oz glasses, so don’t be sad if you don’t get to all the flavors. We still think you’re a champ! - No sangria is allowed outside the restaurant. - Please don’t forget your children here. We WILL put them to work. - We encourage our guests to enjoy a fun, leisurely sangria brunch, but please also be mindful of our additional reservations. Your fellow brunchers would also like to enjoy the sangria (and perhaps a bite to eat). - Please drink responsibly. HAVE FUN AND ENJOY! Menu: