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“The right to vote freely for the candidate of one’s choice is of the essence of a democratic society . . .” During the 2016 presidential election, America’s election infrastructure was targeted by a foreign government. You probably already know many of the sordid details. But just think about that for a minute. The most significant threat to the American elections system comes from orchestrated, external efforts to undermine the credibility of both the process and the results. And we can only imagine that we’re in for more of the same in 2020. The extraordinary threat from foreign actors to manipulate the electorate and cast doubt on the integrity of the elections process represents a watershed moment in the history of elections – and begs the question, how do we secure the vote next time around? Join us for a special evening of cyber civics with experts who will break down the lessons learned from 2016 to understand the steps we must take to safeguard the process for the future. Doors: 6:30pm Event: 7:00pm Tickets: Free Events are 21+ Venue is mixed seating and standing-room: arrive early to get a good seat! Featuring Moon Duchin, Juan Gilbert, and Andrea Jones-Rooy