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Join us for a restorative class suitable for men of all shapes, sizes, and experiences led by Matt Johnson, a big man and certified yoga instructor whose goal is to make yoga more accessible and fun for everyone. You'll be sitting or lying on the floor with props to support sustained, restful postures. Low lights, soft music, no standing required! Perfect for those new to yoga or hesitant to try it for the first time. FAQs: Do I need to have yoga experience or skills already? No, you do not need previous experience with yoga. This is a judgment-free room where all levels of experience are welcome. If you need a breather at any point in the class you can certainly lay on your mat. Our instructor for the evening, Matt, is very accommodating and comforting. What should I wear? This is a clothed class. That said, wear whatever is comfortable for you. Shorts & t-shirt are standard, and you can change once you arrive at the studio. What else do I need to bring other than a change of clothes? • Nothing! Mats/Blocks/Straps are provided in the studio for free. • You can bring a towel if you wish to shower before or after class (or rent a towel at the studio for $2) • You can water bottle if you want, but there is a water cooler and cups at the studio.