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Comedy Co-Op Featuring NYC's finest cooperative comics! Host and special guests TBD. Matthew Broussard, Emmy Blotnick, Rachel Feinstein, Damien Lemon and more team up on a fun filled fundraiser for the Co-Op School. Prepare to laugh in the name of cooperation! Now in it’s second year, the Comedy CoOp(erative) is an autonomous association of funny persons united voluntarily to meet their common comedic, economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly-run and democratically-controlled showbiz enterprise, and giving back. Please join up! The Co-op School provides a safe and stimulating micro-environment in which students experiment and learn. All members of The Co-op School—students, families, and staff—contribute to the development of our unique culture and participate in improving our community and beyond. As students learn to work together, preparing for their place in a global environment, our families also work within committees and on the board of directors to support the school. Whether it’s painting walls, assembling furniture, growing the school through various initiatives, we all contribute to help The Co-op School flourish. The CoOp is an awesome progressive and inclusive school that insists on having 20% of its students attend with full scholarships from the local area. As a result the school welcomes a diverse group of students both in terms of ethnicity and socio-economic background. The school’s founding tenants are; compassion, uniqueness, innovation and community. Events like this one help ensure that it’s great work continues.