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- Jared Saltiel Singer-songwriter Jared Saltiel returns to Littlefield to celebrate the release of One More Revelation, a new EP combining classic folk-rock aesthetics with a contemporary lyrical wit. Having devoted many years to a sprawling, operatic project of interconnected concept albums, Saltiel cast off the weight of self-imposed narrative structure to record these deceptively simple songs about complex subjects. With this new EP, Saltiel steps back into the accessible musical styles and clever, analytical songwriting that characterized his debut album with The Dirty Birds (How the Cause Became the Cure, 2009). But Saltiel’s voice, writing and production choices reflect the maturity and wisdom he’s accrued over the past decade of atmospheric arranging, theatrical composing, and producing and performing with a diverse roster of New York artists. - Seasonal Beast Seasonal Beast is the brain child of New York-based Israeli-born composer/producer/songwriter/keyboardist Yuval Semo, brought to vivid life with the help of singer Yuli Beeri, bassist Tim Lappin, guitarist Alon Albagli, trumpet and EVI player Dan Brantigan and drummer Isaac Gardner. Semo is a writer, producer, and performer with omnivorous taste. His blend of electronic pop, lush cinematic soundscapes, and heavy synth lines creates a dark and mesmerizing spell. This unique style is well reflected on Seasonal Beast’s debut album Muscle Memory, which was mostly recorded in Semo’s bedroom studio and features many collaborations with some of NY’s finest musicians. Seasonal Beast was named best emerging artist by Deli Magazine and has been featured in Stereogum, AXS, ohestee, Baeble Music, The Music Mermaid, Imperfect Fifth and other music publications. The band’s music video for “I Can Make You Disappear” (directed by Semo himself) won the Outstanding Achievement Award from the Calcutta International Cult Film Festival.