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Socializing 6:30-8pm. Showtime 8pm A note from your host, Dave: This event can be best described as the most social night of fun and laughter that you will ever have. A NOTE FROM NYSN FOUNDER DAVE CERVINI: The number one question I get get from our members and friends at events is "How did you get started doing this?" and my answer is simple..."I wanted to make friends in the city". ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ $10 in advance only Prepay here ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In 1997 (when I moved here) MeetUp and Facebook did not exist. After months of trolling the bars on the Upper West Side I realized that I needed to do something more constructive. I started to plan social events for local charities to make friends (and meet a woman, let's be honest). After about 6 years of doing this as a hobby that I loved, I quit my job in the NYC Radio industry and launched New York Social Network in 2004! Now comes the fun part.... So, think about it, almost 20 years and thousands of events that bring people together who are from all over our city, country and the world, who now live, work or play in NYC! This makes for some interesting stories! Add to that all the reasons why people come out (to make friends, network, connect, find true love, hook up, try something new, do something they love or are just bored of what they are doing) and you have an entire book of fun, sad, heartwarming and disgusting stories that will make you laugh and cry! I have the honor of touching over a million people in the last 20 years with the activities that I have been involved with. Most of it has been a great experience. But I never realized that I would also have to become a psychologist as well as an event planner when dealing with all these people! What to expect: -This is not a theater, it is an Irish pub -This is NOT a comedy show but a story telling hour -Doors open at 6:30pm for socializing food and drink. We will sit everyone together who would like to eat at 7pm -Fun ice breaker game so you get to meet others at the show. -At 8pm you can find a seat or hang by the bar as we will get things going. Seating is on a first come first served basis. **Registration for this event is required. Click the link button to register for this event.