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An Adventure 65 Million BEERS in the Making. Hold on to your butts, and do move in herds, because Caveat and A Drinking Game NYC have spared no expense to welcome you to Jurassic Park: the show, the drinking game, the nostalgia lovefest. A real paleobotanist will be on hand to do some nerdy deep-dives and correct any science the movie got wrong. Just remember to wash your hands before you eat anything. What's "A Drinking Game"? Well, take your favorite cult classic flick, mix in a live reenactment from talented actors, add a dash of your favorite beverage, and you've got one hell of a cocktail. Each movie comes with a list of buzzwords and phrases – when you hear one, a bell rings and everybody drinks, including the actors! Audience participation is encouraged, of course. Plus, when someone says a character name, the actor playing that character has to drink. With script in one hand and a beer in the other, the show is bound to get a little wacky." Doors: 9:00 Show: 9:30 Tickets: $15 adv/$20 at the door 21+ Please note this is a mixed seated and standing venue. Arrive early for the best seats. REFUND POLICY: Tickets maybe be refunded up to 24 hours before the event. Within 24 hours we may take exchanges for other events at our discretion. No refunds after the event.