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Spring is coming, babes!  But we’ve still got one more cosy evening planned for you. This March, we bring you a night of classic board games, from Candyland to Twister, Scrabble to checkers.  Bring your own favorite board game and share it with the people next to you.  Everyone who completes a game will get a special parting gift.  Shake your dice and fold your cards while you enjoy a full meal of local, early Spring produce and proteins made by a professional chef.  Plus, all the beer and wine you can drink!  You don’t need another Clue!  Just the Trivial Pursuit of an evening of good times, good food and nice queers.  What more do you Yahtzee?    Babetown is a pop-up speakeasy built by and for queer women and trans and non binary people to build a space where we can meet each other, chill with each other, and live comfortably outside of a bar or a club. For the cost of your ticket, you are invited into dine and drink in a private home with 30-40 other queers. A variety of wines and beers are included with your meal, prepared by classically trained chefs.