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"It seems to me like you're the EXPERT, Mark!" Join us to prove you ARE the expert for The Room Trivia at Raise NY on Tuesday, March 27th at 8pm, after you get your tuxes and play a quick game of football in the alley. Reserve your spot quickly because two's great, but three's a crowd, by visiting: Tuesday Specials: $5 select beers, $6 wells, $10 specialty cocktails, $7 wine ,$29 for 3 sharing plates, $14 beer and burger, 1/2 price bottle of wine The best way to reserve tickets is by selecting a team captain and having them be in charge of tickets for ALL team members. For example, if Johnny, Denny, Lisa, and Chris-R are a team and Johnny gets put in charge, he will then reserve tickets for himself, Denny, Lisa, and Chris-R = (4) in total. PLEASE ONLY RESERVE SINGLE TICKETS IF YOU ARE PLAYING BY YOURSELF. We will send a confirmation email to everyone closer to the event. And remember - leave your stupid comments in your pocket!