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The TAX Collection + Guy Hepner present 'Be Still', a solo exhibition by Loribelle Spirovski. Opening March 22nd, 'Be Still' is a collection of Spirovski's' latest body of work exploring how the concept of 'space' interacts with an occupant and the conversation that exists between a figure and the space around them.  "The narratives that I tell are influenced by both old stories and new ones, mythology and contemporary history, my own personal experiences as well as those of others. As a person who has always been both restless and still, my art has enabled me to develop a language that is able to communicate the ineffable juxtapositions, ironies and paradoxes of human consciousness. I called this collection of works 'Be Still' because it is both a command to the viewer to encounter the works in a moment of stillness, as well as an echo from my - our - childhood, to 'be still', to behave in a certain way, in a certain space. In that stillness, a new space is created, a new mode of existence. Stillness is a place of terrible and magical potential."  -Loribelle Spirovski Taking place at Guy Hepner Gallery in Chelsea NYC  520 West 27th St.Suite 303NYC 10001 Collector Preview 6-7PMGeneral Opening 7-10PM ALL WELCOME