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SPEAKERS: Gia Moron - Executive Vice President of Women Grow  Caroline Phillips - National Cannabis Festival  Mary Pryor - Cannaclusive Dr. Chanda Macias-Bobo - Chairwoman Women on the Board for Women Grow/ CEO of National Holistic Healing Center (Washington DC) Leo Bridgewater Sr. - NJ/NY Chapter President for Minorities for Medical Marijuana EMAIL: ABOUT US: Cannabis has an inclusivity issue. And we intend to solve it. Cannaclusive was created to facilitate fair representation of minority cannabis consumers. We were inspired by the growing opportunities yet disappointed by the diversity issues taking root in mainstream cannabis culture. At Cannaclusive we celebrate the cultures of this thriving community through curated experiences, groundbreaking insights, thoughtful content and dynamic visuals. We make it easier for brands to communicate with diverse audiences and ensure that minority consumers are not an afterthought, but a valued ally in the fight for legalization and destigmatization. Founders of Cannaclusive - Mary Pryor, Tonya Rapley-Flash, and Charlese Antoniette FLICKR - INSTAGRAM - EMAIL -