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Celebrate the start of Gemini season with us. Gemini season is here and we’re throwing an all-nighter in honor of the most social sign of the zodiac. Come dressed to express because this sign rules all things witty and fun. From carnival-inspired bounce houses and edible candy installations, to twin DJs and loud vibes, it’s a night you don’t want to miss. WHAT TO EXPECT - Gemini-inspired activities, performances, and photobooths - Complimentary astrology chart readings - Complimentary Gemini makeup - Complimentary samples of our featured Gemini cocktail - More details to come! ABOUT COSMIC NIGHTS Celebrate the coming astrological seasons with VICE's monthly celestial-themed parties. Each Cosmic Nights party takes place in a warehouse transformed into an immersive, dimly lit universe that captures the essence of each zodiac sign. Each sign’s season will light up a different set of surprises, whether that’s an indulgent spread of treats for Taurus or a seance for Scorpio. Whatever your cosmic birthday, count on drinks, dancing, and discovery. Sign up for our VICE Experiences newsletter to be the first to hear about news, updates, and special perks at Cosmic Nights throughout the year.