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“What once struck me as wan camp I now appreciate as vulgar brio, the film’s sordid Las Vegas milieu of strip clubs and All About Eve–like deceit and machinations a down-and-dirty dissection of this country’s supply-and-demand soul-sickness.” – Melissa Anderson, The Village Voice “It is very easy to condemn movies that attempt to have trashy fun with sex. But I predict that Showgirls will reemerge one day, like Nomi and Cristal from their papier-mâché volcano, in triumphant glory to gain the praise that it deserves.” – Linda Williams, Film Quarterly “This 1995 movie has only improved with age—or maybe it’s just that viewers like me are only now catching up with the ideological ramifications.” – Jonathan Rosenbaum Nomi, an attractive drifter, arrives in Las Vegas with plans to become a dancer. Soon she gets a job stripping at one of the lesser joints on the strip, but eventually catches the eye of talent scouts who hire the performers for a big revue at a casino. She works her way into the cast, and eventually sets her sights on taking the starring role. Reviled upon release, time has been kind to Showgirls, which has since garnered acclaim from critics and filmmakers including Jim Jarmusch, Jacques Rivette and Quentin Tarantino. Dir. Paul Verhoeven. 1995. 131 min. Midnight Special! $5 beer + shot combos available during the screening.