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Festival of Colors: Holi NYC 2018!!! We are excited to be back in Brooklyn for our 7th annual event. Celebrating spring, love, and diversity with an immersive day full of live music and DJs on a huge stage, murals and art installations, a variety of food cards to enjoy in out chill out areas, art cars and buses to get a birds eye view, relax with an ice cold Bira 91 from our beer garden, oh and tons of COLOR!!! You will get messy! You will make new friends! Come alone or with your entire family of friends! We encourage everyone (wether you come alone or with people) to burst your comfort bubble and talk to new people! Social barriors get broken the moment everyone is cover in colors. Foret about stereotypes and clicks. Branch out of the norm! So get stoked to dance with your new purple friend and share a laugh with your yellowish blue friend Hudson Horns  Bringing the grooves to get you moving with robust horns, vocals, and more this 12 piece brass band brings a full sound and will light up your day Jafe and the Royals - Fusing a wide spectrum of rhythms, languages, and genres to create their self described "Psychedelic Afro-Rock." Together they are the Army of Love, The Militia of Peace, and The Biggest & Baddest in all New York City, promoting love, inclusion, and empowerment. DJ Vic with live Dhol Drummers Combinging bollywood, hip hop ad pop music to create a sound to jump to! Fusing the best of eastern and western music to celebrate the unity of music Steff  and Jypsy  Musician, Educator, Renaissance man from NYC creating funky sounds about peace love  RUDE (Rutgers University Dhol Effect)  Indian American fusion band putting their unique spin on classic pop songs Stay connected with updates on our instagram @HoliNYC  FAQ Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event? You must have a valid state ID or passport to enter. The event is 18+ Is the powder safe? Won't I get messy? Yes. It's made from cornstarch and food dye. We ask that people refrain from throwing powder into people's eyes or mouth, but accidents do happen. If this worries you, you should consider wearing sunglasses and/or a bandana. Yes, YOU WILL GET MESSY. Please wear clothing that you won't be too stressed about if it gets colorful. The powder is designed not to stain, but it's probably not the evening to be breaking out the white mink. If you are planning on bringing a camera, it's always a good idea to keep it wrapped up or in an underwater case if possible. Check out some videos of what you will be getting into! What can/can't I bring to the event? No food, drinks, alcohol, drugs, weapons, or outside powder will be allowed. We do bag checks for everyone's safety. There will be food carts and affordable drinks within the event. No re-entry.  What is the address?  485 Johnson Ave in Bushwick. It is an open space in Brooklyn along the Morgan L train stop. There is some street parking but we reccomend taking the train or bicycle!  Is my registration/ticket transferrable? Yes. You may sell your ticket for the same price through Eventbrite. Whoever hold the ticket is the owner- it doesn't matter who's name is on it.  Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event? You can, but you can also bring the email with the barcode on your phone. What is the refund policy? Sorry, no refunds. You may transfer and sell your ticket for the price you paid through Eventbrite. The festival will happen rain or shine! So excited to see all of you and celebrate spring in NYC as a giant rainbow!