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NOTE: This event is for couples only (or triads/quads etc..), no singles. open to all genders, orientations and lifestyles.

Learn how to give a luxurious sensuous massage using both touch and hot oil. Great class for those new to massage and for those wanting to learn a new trick or two. Sensuous Flow is about connecting the body in long strokes and how to tap into the bodies sensory patterns with light touch to leave your partner floating on air. You will be shown how to edge your partner as well as work all the erogenous zones. A must for those wanting to improve their touch with an easy and fun experience touching your partner in sensual and erotic ways.

For a special treat, we will be offering an ELITE PACKAGE: Arrive at 7 pm for a Sensation Play bonus. Stimulate all of the senses before you indulge in your 2 hour erotic massage. Delight and tickle the senses with a selection of tastes, sounds, smells, and scents while you explore each others bodies. This package also includes a bottle of massage oil ($15 value) to take home with you to practice everything you learned on your own time. Highly recommended for first timers, or anyone who want's more easing into the class.

Private room experience is a partitioned part of the room for those wanting more privacy from a group setting.

Elite tickets: arrive by 7:00pm

Classic tickets arrive by 8pm

$15 bottle of massage oil will be offered for purchase at class for you to take home.

Led by Dominus Eros and Lola Jean

What to expect at the workshop:

You will be with your partner the whole class. Class is nude inspired while receiving massage, but givers can be in underwear if you so choose, we do encourage a body positive environment so full nudity the entire time is welcomed if you are comfortable.

What to bring?

You can bring a towel, sarong and shorts that you can wear when you need to use the restroom. 

NOTE :: If you are a triad contact the organizer for an extra single ticket