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Presented by The City Reliquary in collaboration with Atlas Obscura and for the first time ever at The Bell House: it’s the 14th Annual Collectors’ Night. Picture a county fair, a suburban mall, a veritable all-you-can-eat buffet. But do the lanes snake between rickety rides, do the hallways bend around retail stores, are the aisles flanked by food service? No! For this is a collection of collectors! Each year, collectors and archivists—whose acquisitions run the gamut from loose groupings to the hyper-specific—showcase their treasures to the public and participate in rapid-fire show-n-tells. It is an opportunity to get up close with obsessive labors of love. Small collections of large things. Large collections of small things. You’ll witness it all, from precisely laid out vitrines to piles of whatzits. No criterion is too broad, no specialty too specific. Have a collection and interested in showing it? Apply at If accepted, you’ll receive a code for discounted admission. We’ll try to get back to you pretty quickly—usually within a day. 6:00pm doors Meander the aisles of collectors ’til 9pm sharp. $30 online $35 at the door Proceeds benefit the City Reliquary.