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The last Drunk Ed show before summer break is about one of one of our most prevalent cultural myths-slash-products — superheroes. Why are they everywhere now? Are we going to be stuck with them until Marvel is putting out six movies a year? What did y’all think of Infinity War, though? We will ask and answer more than a few of these questions while exploring the history and continued cultural resonance of the genre. Doors 9:00pm, show 9:30pm. 21+ Talks by Karen Chee, Israel Daramola, Dan Kibblesmith, and Ales Kot. Drunk Education (the show formerly known as Drunk TED Talks and once described by NPR’s Morning Edition as “a real thing”) is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: writers/comics/artists make slideshows about stuff they’re really into, get drunk, and deliver them. Whether it’s the horniness of St. Augustine, the history of mansplaining relayed through the plot of Love, Actually, or the way teen girl organizers could have prevented the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, Drunk Ed has you covered.