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Celebrate the diverse ethnic communities of the Museum at Eldridge Street’s Lower East Side/Chinatown neighborhood! With the Museum’s home, the landmark Eldridge Street Synagogue, as its centerpiece, this neighborhood festival spills out onto the street with a mash-up of Jewish, Chinese and Puerto Rican tastes, traditions, sights, and sounds. What to expect? Lots of fun! Enjoy outdoor performances of Chinese opera, Chinese folk, klezmer, cantorial, and Puerto Rican folk music. Watch fascinating demonstrations by a Hebrew and a Chinese scribe, Puerto Rican mask maker, and other folk artists. Learn how to braid challah bread, roll dumplings and craft empanadas. Or try your hand at crafts including yarmulke making, mask making, lace making and more. You can also go head-to-head with community mavens in a fierce game of mah jongg. Best of all, kosher egg rolls, egg creams and empanadas will be available for purchase all day! About the Festival This neighborhood festival began almost two decades ago as a celebration of Jewish and Chinese culture in our shared neighborhood. Today it has become the Museum’s signature event, welcoming thousands of guests each year. Since it’s inception it has expanded to acknowledge and celebrate the integral contributions of the area’s longstanding Puerto Rican community. The Festival showcases cultural commonalities while preserving the distinctive voice of each community. Highlights of this year’s festival include performances by klezmer virtuoso Zisl Slepovitch and Litvakus, the Chinatown Senior Center Orchestra, EastRiver Ensemble and Cantor Eric Freeman. The festival lies at the heart of the Museum at Eldridge Street’s mission. In the most public and joyful of ways, we celebrate the synagogue’s Jewish culture and heritage and embrace the ethnically diverse neighborhood in which it now stands.