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"Who are those guys? I always see them in coffee shops… no laptops… weird...are they poets or something? Or artists? Drifters? They look like they're 40. Yeah...they must be around 40..." REVERIES is a multimedia comedy installation created by Matt Barats and Anthony Oberbeck, and featuring a supporting cast of Ana Fabrega, Ruby McCollister, Carmen Christopher, Wes Haney, Bardia Salimi, and Peter Smith. Behind dark sunglasses, two mysterious nomads (played by Matt Barats and Anthony Oberbeck) appear at Littlefield for one night only to share their latest collection of thoughts, stories, and strange memories, accompanied by hypnotic soundscapes, abstract video projections, and monologues from some of the people they've encountered on their journeys. Matt Barats is an NYC comedian via Chicago, and was part of the 2015 New Faces at Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal. Matt is a long-time cast member of The Holy Fuck Comedy Hour, co-creator of the play Sadie Hawkins Day (JFL, SF Sketchfest), and has contributed for The Onion and The New Yorker -- TV credits include HBO’s High Maintenance, Late Night w/ Seth Meyers, and The Last O.G. on TBS. Matt is a 3-time US Air Guitar national finalist and was once fired from the Blue Man Group. Matt is from Idaho. Anthony Oberbeck is a comedian in New York. In Chicago he spent three years writing and performing in the Annoyance’s weekly sketch show, The Holy Fuck Comedy Hour. He was also a member of the critically-acclaimed sketch and video collective Kill All Comedy, and improvised on iO teams Hunter Family Crest, Stuntman CD-ROM, and Attica. In 2012 he was featured in the Just For Laughs Chicago showcase of solo performers, and in 2013 returned to JFL to perform a full sketch revue created by Kill All Comedy.