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We all know that learning is more fun when you’re drinking with friends and colleagues. Thus, Nerd Nite is a monthly event held in more than 100 cities across the globe during which several folks give 18-21-minute fun-yet-informative presentations across all disciplines – while the audience drinks along. And there are often bands, acrobats, trivia, and other shenanigans as well. Imagine learning about everything from math feuds or the science of the Simpsons, to the genealogy of Godzilla or zombie insects, while having a few or a few too many. Fun, right? Kinky animal sex. The pirates and assholes who saved America. How to be creative . Welcome to Nerd Nite NYC March 2018 edition! And trivia is back too, so bring some pals, form a team, and win tickets to BookCon 2018. Back to the Lectures At Hand: *Presentation #1 COMING SOON *Presentation #2 How to be Creative? by Marc Smith Description: Is everybody creative? What do we know about the creative process? What were the secrets of artistic and scientific creative geniuses Mozart, Picasso and Einstein? Marc will be exploring some academic and practical theories on how we can all exploit our creative potential. Bio: Marc is a multi-lingual globe trotting Art teacher who is paid to force creativity from the young on an hourly basis. Having faced challenging situations in Asia and Europe, Marc is now using his skills to help New York High School kids express themselves. Marc has given talks and workshops for top universities, global organizations and even at the prestigious Nerdnite London. *Presentation #3 Tales of Death and Darkness by Noam Osband Description: Nature is full of dark tales of death and murder. From spiders practicing sexual cannibalism to infanticide in Sparta, shit can get pretty real with humans and animals. Tonight, anthropologist and musical comedian Noam Osband will lecture and sing about examples of deep animal depravity. Bio: You can see more of his work at You can contact Nerd Nite NYC Boss Matt Wasowski at