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The Brooklyn Nomads is a collective of musicians from various cultural and artistic backgrounds, with a focus on Arabic and Middle Eastern music. They have been featured on and were recently joined by Yo-Yo Ma as a guest artist for the Kennedy Center’s Arts Summit in Washington, DC. We are so looking forward to share so much music and dance with you. Think Arabic, Turkish, Jazz, Desert Blues.. It’ll be a super fun night! Don’t miss it!!!! Musicians* Abdallah Moussa, Vocals (Lebanon) Hadi Eldebek, Oud (Lebanon) Eylem Basaldi, Violin (Turkey) Mohamad Araki, Keys (Sudan) Mohamad Eldebek, Arabic percussion (Lebanon) Jeremy Smith, Cajun (US) Mohamad Sharhabil, Electric Bass (Sudan) Tamer Pinarbasi, Qanun (Turkey) *Guest artists may join as well! This event is curated by Hadi Eldebek.