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It started... as Nothing. The Great Nothing. An incomprehensible expanse of Nothing that extended forever in every direction. A great yawning void of Nothing, heavy with the possibility of Everything that was yet to exist. Then... There was Something. Join Nyx Nocturne as they present an evening of cult fashion in its most literal sense. The Temple of False Idols is an experimental lifestyle brand sewn together with its own complicated mythos in which what you wear is how you worship. You're invited to come cross the threshold of where branding ends and belief begins in our culture of vicious consumerism. This will be an evening of the darkest delights as we present The Temple's inaugural collection THE GENESIS And to give divine offerings to the Idols: Darlinda Just Darlinda God Complex (Ae) Minx Arcana Munroe Lilly Natalie Scarlett Sweet Lorraine Vic Sin Altar Boy Vigor Mortis ...and more TBA! 12 Jefferson St., Brooklyn Doors 7:30pm Performances 8:30pm $10-$20 Sliding Scale Admission