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PRETTY GIRLS DON’T LIGHT THEIR OWN CIGARETTES is the wonderland of drag shows. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll shoot down whiskey in tribute to Amy Winehouse. The Great Fairy Venus Celestina is your mother, your lover, your best friend, and your creator. She’s ready to bless you with Her presence. Best of all Tickets are FREE! Presenting episode 1 and BRAND NEW episode 5! "Can I Get a Glass of Winehouse?" is the first episode of the series; an Amy Winehouse tribute piece about the troubles of men. Why do we love the ones that hurt us, and how do we cope with the loneliness that follows the end of those relationships? "The Mourning Play" pulls you into Venus' acid trip and all the wildness that takes place. A perfect place to laugh so much you can skip the gym for a week. Wonderland meets downtown theatre in just the right way. Creator & Performer: The Great Fairy Venus Celestina (They, Them, Theirs) Co-directors: Jenna Antoniades (She, Her, Hers) & Ry Szelong (He, Him, His) Choreography: Rosalie Neal (She, Her, Hers) Stage Managed: Grace Ann (She, Her, Hers) Lights: Tate Rehklau (He, Him, His) Sound: Niamh Lissie (She, Her, Hers) Costumes: Neil Stevenson (He, Him, His)